Is Email Marketing still relevant?

I often lament about how much junk mail I get in my inbox. Are you the same? Has social media marketing taken over our attention and so email marketing is becoming an antiquated way to get peoples attention?

Review of the New Zealand CamperMate iPhone App

Having heard of a version 2.0 being released of the CamperMate app, I thought it was time to check it out and see what the free iPhone/Android app had to offer to people travelling Aotearoa.

The Social Media Revolution 2013

A look at the latest installment of the Social Media Revolution video with all it’s mind boggling statistics and a parody to make fun of it all

Does New Zealand need another “Qualmark”?

Ten years on since Qualmark launched, we learn that a new rating system is to be launched in New Zealand. Gina Paladini asks some relevant questions on what this means for tourism businesses and travellers.

MBIE welcomes debate on tourism forecasting

In the last issue of Inside Tourism, Covec’s Shane Vuletich raised some concerns about the accuracy of Tourism forecasting. Peter Ellis from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment responds in this post to clear up a few possible misconceptions.

Silencing Environmental Criticism

Tony Ward discusses the views of environmental scientist Dr. Mike Joy in relation to our tourism industry and 100% Pure branding by Tourism New Zealand.

Profile Your New Tourism Product or Business Here

We are looking to share new and exciting New Zealand tourism products or businesses. If you have just launched (or are about to launch) something new, innovative and different to the tourism market we want to know about it

Developments in official tourism data in New Zealand

Peter Ellis, the Manager Tourism Research and Evaluation at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has provided an update on progress in the Tourism Data Improvement Programme.

5 Things to know about the Chinese Market for the Small to Medium size tourism business

For the last two years, Tourism New Zealand has been leading the parade celebrating the emerging markets for tourism businesses. Of these new markets, the spotlight is brightly shining on the Chinese traveller.

Tourism NZ seeks your input to their marketing strategy

Do you have some ideas to help Tourism New Zealand with their marketing in the short term? We think many of the blog followers do and so hope you will take the following opportunity to provide it in a more formal feedback process to Tourism New Zealand.