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Online Bookings: Implementing an Effective Strategy

Many accommodation providers believe they need to spend significant time and money on establishing an effective online strategy. FALSE.

Channel Management: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

As a follow on from the Channel Management Options article, here is a useful summary from Mike Ford about the benefits of using a channel manager for accommodation providers and what the future holds.

Accommodation Online Channel Management Options

One of the biggest concerns for accommodation providers when wanting to sell their rooms online is how to avoid double bookings when selling live “realtime” inventory across multiple booking channel websites.

The Online Booking System Game – Which One to Choose?

There are plenty of choices in the market for accommodation operators in selecting an online booking system. The decision on which you choose will come down to a few key areas relevant to your business.

Accommodation: How to Maximise Your Online Bookings

There are multiple websites in the New Zealand, Australian and international markets that can promote and instantly sell your accommodation for you. The trick for many properties is deciding which ones to go on and then how to manage them all so you don’t spend all day updating them and avoid double bookings.