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What is the Biggest Challenge Your Tourism Business is Facing this year?

Answer our latest poll question: What is the Biggest Challenge Your Tourism Business is Facing this year?

Perhaps Christchurch Should Be Inspired by Iceland…

You have to love this TV ad developed by the “Inspired by Iceland” national tourism organisation. Their use of fun and humor to attract visitors after the volcanic eruptions in 2010 was definitely inspired.

Christchurch is Open!

You certainly have to admire the strength and ingenuity coming from Christchurch…a group made up from those in the Christchurch tourism industry have developed the “Christchurch is Open” event on 30 April.

The Aftermath for Tourism Businesses in Christchurch

Melissa Teesdale considers the impact on tourism businesses and the industry from the Christchurch Earthquake

Donate to Help Christchurch Earthquake Victims

We’d like to rally support from our fellow tourism industry followers to help with fundraising efforts for the Christchurch Earthquake. Place a donation here.

Earthquakes, Politics and Social Media

Steve Wilson provides an interesting discussion and analysis on the role social media has played in the recent Christchurch earthquake and political events.

Shaky Times for Tourism in the South Island

Despite the uncertainty following the recent quakes throughout Canterbury and Christchurch, the message to travellers should be loud and clear that the South Island is still ‘open’ and welcomes visitors this summer.