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Triple Fail from Jetstar

James Hacon shares his recent poor experience with Jetstar highlighting how they could of, but didn’t, use social media effectively to helo remedy his complaint

I take my hat off to you!

James Hacon recounts his recent experience looking after a motel and compares it to hotel management…the challenging differences being quite an eye opener

I Don’t Give a F**k

Jacon Hacon shares a recent experience of poor conduct by an employee of a tourism activity and offers advice on how your business could avoid a similar situation

Handling Customer Disputes and Learning From it

There are times, despite best intentions, where any tourism business has to handle customer disputes. Regardless of the cause of dissatisfaction there are always things you can learn to help avoid them again.

16 Traits of a Successful Tourism Operator

We asked some of our contributors to come up with personality traits of a successful tourism operator, have look at what you think you achieve and others that you can try to do better, or get help with.

Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

The BIG thing for a tourism business is your product or service offered, like the motel room or the rafting trip or the flight to Queenstown. But it can be all the LITTLE things that make the difference between your business and your competitors.

Hotel Reception: A Fun Place to Be? Maybe Not

Put a People Person on your front desk..train your front office people so they understand that each person through the front door is the most important person in the room…all too often this is not happening in New Zealand hotels.

Tourism Customer Service 101

Did you know? Happy clients who have their problems resolved will tell 4-6 people about their positive experience. A dissatisfied client will tell 9-15 people about it. And approximately 13% of your dissatisfied clients will tell more than 20 people about their problem.