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Is Email Marketing still relevant?

I often lament about how much junk mail I get in my inbox. Are you the same? Has social media marketing taken over our attention and so email marketing is becoming an antiquated way to get peoples attention?

Why I Recommend Mailchimp for Small Business Email Marketing

I like using Mailchimp as an effective email marketing tool for small to medium businesses because it is really is EASY to use. Read more about why you should give it a go for your business.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Facebook as a Marketing Tool

In the US, Facebook recently overtook Google for weekly traffic – an incredible achievement given Google’s dominance. With over 400 million users it has become a social media website that is difficult to ignore.

Email Marketing: How to Get Started

Email marketing can be an extremely cost effective way to communicate with your regular customers and drive traffic to your website and social media pages. Despite this I’ve noticed this is an underused marketing tool for tourism businesses.