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Poll: What Do You Think About the changes for the Ministry of Tourism?

Last week the government announced plans to merge the Ministry of Tourism into the Ministry of Economic Development. Vote in our latest poll on whether you agree or disagree with this plan.

8 Domestic Tourism Market Segments

“Domestic Tourism is big.” It’s worth $12.4 billion to our economy per year (compared to $9.3 billion for international tourism) and the Ministry of Tourism has recently completed some invaluable domestic tourism market segmentation research.

Tourism Organisations in New Zealand: Confused by it all?

“What’s the difference between Tourism NZ, Ministry of Tourism, Maori Tourism Council – RTO’s, MRTO’s – overkill?” Good question! What are all their different functions and is it overkill or just confusing?

Maori Tourism Mentoring

There is currently an excellent programme for Maori Tourism Mentoring near completion which is funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Managed by Tautoko Enterprise Support.

Online Bookings Growing for NZ Tourism Operators

Research by the Ministry of Tourism shows that a growing number of kiwi travellers are actively using the internet as a key medium for booking their accommodation and activities in New Zealand.