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If you’ve got it, flaunt it…on your home page

Gina Paladini suggests 4 Key aspects to have on your website home page that will provide an emotive and compelling introduction to visitors to help convert them into bookings.

Have You Looked At Your Website Lately?

Some timely spring advice from Melissa Teesdale for tourism operators to review how their website is looking from a customer point of view.

Online Bookings: Implementing an Effective Strategy

Many accommodation providers believe they need to spend significant time and money on establishing an effective online strategy. FALSE.

Trade Me to Launch Travel Auctions

The Trade Me Travel team have now announced they are bringing accommodation booking opportunities into their main Trade Me auction site with a Travel section.

Channel Management: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

As a follow on from the Channel Management Options article, here is a useful summary from Mike Ford about the benefits of using a channel manager for accommodation providers and what the future holds.

On-request Bookings and the Waiting Game

Daniel Bridges outlines the frustrations for travellers and travel resellers when accommodation operators don’t effectively manage online bookings that use an on-request system.

Creating a Vibrant Online Accommodation Booking Industry

Online bookings are now nearly mainstream in the marketplace and there’s been recent proliferation of new players. Yet many New Zealand accommodation suppliers still create headaches for resellers by not keeping their rates and availability up to date.

Making consumers more comfortable with booking accommodation online

Industry statistics indicate online credit card use in New Zealand as a percentage is a little more than half that of Australia. What can be done to put consumers minds at ease with using the internet to book?

Accommodation: How to Maximise Your Online Bookings

There are multiple websites in the New Zealand, Australian and international markets that can promote and instantly sell your accommodation for you. The trick for many properties is deciding which ones to go on and then how to manage them all so you don’t spend all day updating them and avoid double bookings.

Online Bookings Growing for NZ Tourism Operators

Research by the Ministry of Tourism shows that a growing number of kiwi travellers are actively using the internet as a key medium for booking their accommodation and activities in New Zealand.