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The Challenge of Mobile Travel and Bookings

The advent of mobile travel applications for smart phones and iPhone apps is obviously an exciting new direction for travellers and the tourism industry. But how far off is it before it becomes a key way to book and pay for travel?

Pricing Strategy for Tourism Businesses

Setting pricing for tourism businesses is a strong mix of marketing strategy and financial analysis. Is there a formula for developing pricing for tourism businesses?

Google Launching into the Online Travel Market?

Google’s “experiment” to show hotel pricing on their Google Maps hotel listings is an indication of their future plans that will no doubt impact on the online travel market.

Price Parity Across OTAs – Why It Matters

One of the popular phrases in the online travel space lately has been “price parity”, an idea pushed by the OTAs (online travel agencies) and expected of the supplier. Some suggestions on why and how to maintain the same prices with OTAs.