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Poll: How Were Your Bookings over the RWC Period?

It’s all over now and we’d love your feedback – vote on our poll and provide any thoughts you have about the impact on tourism businesses from the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Poll: How Have your September Bookings Been?

Now that the Rugby World Cup has kicked off and there have been thousands of supporters travelling around New Zealand during September it’s a good time to gauge how this influx has benefited tourism operators.

Poll: How Are Your Bookings Looking Over the RWC Period?

We’d love you to vote and commment on our poll to find out how forward bookings are looking for tourism operators around New Zealand in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup 2011

Poll: Are You Confident of a Good Summer for your Tourism Business?

Now that we are well into the shoulder season many tourism businesses will be comparing sales to last year and looking at their forward bookings for the peak season. How is it looking for your business, tourist area, or region?

Poll: What Social Media Tools Do You Use for Your Business?

Social Networking - It

A voting poll to find out what Social Media tools businesses are typically using on a regular basis