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Be Wary of Promises from SEO Professionals

How many cold calls does your business receive promising you top ranking in google for your website?

Monday Blog Blues

Gina Paladini laments the phenomenon she calls “Blog Paralysis” for all those budding bloggers out there…

The Impact of Google Places on Your Website Rankings

Why your business must be listed on Google Places with some tips on how to make the most of this tool for your local search results

Stop thinking about yourself

When marketing a tourism product you need to stop thinking like you and start thinking like your customers.

Online Bookings: Implementing an Effective Strategy

Many accommodation providers believe they need to spend significant time and money on establishing an effective online strategy. FALSE.

DIY Search Engine Optimisation

Some useful tips from Jeremy Zinzan on how to work out if your website is well optimised with meta tags and how to do your own basic search engine optimisation to rank better in Google.

Why A Blog Can Improve Your Website Ranking

Search engines love regular fresh content and links to a website, the more you have of both the better your website will rank in search results, so a blog function is a great solution to achieve this.

Using Meta Tags to Get Your Website Ranking Higher In Google

Every business wants their website to rank well in google, and tourism is no exception – this is a very competitive industry and we all need to get found online. View some tips on how to improve your meta tags.