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Social Media Impact on Tourism

Check out this excellent infographic that highlights “The Tripadvisor Effect” and key social media trends to note for tourism.

Triple Fail from Jetstar

James Hacon shares his recent poor experience with Jetstar highlighting how they could of, but didn’t, use social media effectively to helo remedy his complaint

Jasons New iPhone App

James Hacon reviews the newly released Jasons iPhone app providing some relevant thoughts for tourism businesses and advertisers with Jasons.

James Hacon’s Social Media Content Map

A useful Social Media Content Map created by James Hacon as discussed in his workshop at one the 2011 eTourism workshops in Wellington.

TravelTech 2011: Best of Enemies

A useful rundown from Gen at Fossick about the recent TravelTech Conference in Sydney, some interesting topics related to travel technology covered.

How much does Facebook cost your business?

In the past few years social media has revolutionised the way we socialise and communicate. James Hacon explores what it may cost a business whose employees have access to social networking during work hours.

Earthquakes, Politics and Social Media

Steve Wilson provides an interesting discussion and analysis on the role social media has played in the recent Christchurch earthquake and political events.

Tourism Social Media – The Need for Experiential Content

Social media offers all tourism businesses the perfect platform to share and promote the experiential based tourism product through the use of interactive mediums. Steve Wilson discusses what tools make sense.

Demystifying and Simplifying Social Media for Business

Many businesses are bamboozled with social media. Articles are often cathartic in nature, listing the ever growing number of social media sites and tools to use, not addressing the questions that these businesses need answering.

Social Media is Everywhere

Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, blogs, wikis, forums and your own customer communities – people are sharing more content than ever online. There’s no bigger source of honest, direct and outspoken opinion and community assistance than social media sites.