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Summary of the eTourism Summit 2011 – Part 1 (Google)

James Hacon provides a summary of the recent eTourism Summit in San Francisco which he attended. This article focuses on the Google topics covered of the conference.

Tourism Social Media – The Need for Experiential Content

Social media offers all tourism businesses the perfect platform to share and promote the experiential based tourism product through the use of interactive mediums. Steve Wilson discusses what tools make sense.

Tourism Videos – Why and How?

In August 2008 YouTube beat Yahoo! into 2nd PLACE for total US search queries, and that makes for one fairly compelling argument to get a video of your tourism product up on YouTube.

Rugby World Cup 2011 And Social Media Marketing

Making the most of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand is no doubt a key strategy for tourism organisations throughout New Zealand. Immersing yourself in social media marketing activity surrounding the rugby world cup could be one way to connect to travellers.